Starbound Eisteddfod Results

So proud of all our ADS students who performed at Starbound Entertainers Festival over the holidays.

Congratulations also on the following results;

POPPY; 3rd Place Lyrical (14yrs)
VHC Jazz (14yrs)
CHELSEA; H.C Classical (12yrs)
H.C Demi (12yrs)
ALEXA; 1st Place Contemporary (10yrs)
2nd Place Jazz (10yrs)
2nd Place Classical (10yrs)
2nd Place Demi (10yrs)
2nd Place Tap (10yrs)
3rd Place Lyrical (10yrs)
PAIGE: 2nd Place Song & Dance (10yrs)
V.H.C Lyrical (10yrs)
H.C Demi (10yrs)
NAGISSA: H.C Classical (10yrs)
EMILY: H.C Song & Dance (10yrs)
HOLLY: 1st Place Vocal (8yrs)
2nd Place Song & Dance (8yrs)
3rd Place Demi (8yrs)
H.C Classical (8yrs)