Starbound Eisteddfod

Our performance team students all competed at the Starbound Eisteddfod on the Gold Coast over the last weekend.

Everyone danced amazingly, and we achieved fantastic results 🙂

10yrs Jazz Group, 2nd Place

10yrs Lyrical Group, 2nd Place

12yrs Jazz Group, 1st Place

12yrs Contemporary Group, 2nd Place

12yrs Lyrical Group, 3rd Place

15yrs Contemporary Group, 4th Place

15yrs Tap Group, 4th Place

15yrs Lyrical Group, VHC

15yrs Jazz Group, VHC 

We were also awarded “THE MOST IMPRESSIVE GROUP’ Overall, of the entire eisteddfod, for our 12yrs Jazz Group “BAD”, choreographed by Miss Lara


Amazing work and Congratulations to all of our students, teachers and choreographers.