Recent Eisteddfod Results ….

Congratulations to our ADS on their achievements at recent competitions; 💕💕💕

Warnambool Eisteddfod (Melbourne, VIC)
SOPHIE: 1st Place, 13yrs Jazz Solo
1st Place, 13yrs National Solo
H.C, 13yrs Lyrical Solo
CAITLIN: 1st Place, Senior Jazz Championship
1st Place, 16yrs Contemporary Solo
1st Place, 16yrs Jazz Solo
2nd Place, 16yrs Broadway Jazz
2nd Place, 16yrs Lyrical

Murwillumbah Eisteddfod:

YUKINA: 1st Place, 8yrs Novice Tap
2nd Place, 8yrs Open Tap Section
ALEXA: 1st Place, 9yrs Lyrical
1st Place, 9yrs Jazz
3rd Place, 9yrs Classical
VHC, 9yrs Demi-Character
VHC, 9yrs Tap
NAGISSA: 2nd Place, 10yrs Classical
H.C, 10yrs Demi-Character
TIA: 3rd Place 11yrs Demi-Character
H.C 11yrs Jazz
H.C 11yrs Classical
POPPY: H.C, 12yrs Contemporary
H.C, 12yrs Lyrical
ALEXA & NAGISSA: 1st Place, Classical Duo 10/U

STARBOUND EISTEDDFOD GC                                                                                            CAITLIN: 1st Place, Open Age Lyrical
3rd Place, Open Age Jazz
HC, Open Age Contemporary
KATE: HC, 14yrs Classical
SOPHIE: HC, 14yrs Demi-Character
HC, 14yrs Classical
POPPY: 3rd Place, 12yrs Jazz
3rd Place, 12yrs Contemporary
PAIGE: 1st Place, 10yrs Song & Dance
V.H.C, 10yrs Lyrical
ALEXA: 1st Place, 10yrs Tap
2nd Place, 10yrs Lyrical
2nd Place, 10yrs Classical
2nd Place, 10yrs Demi-Character
V.H.C, 10yrs Jazz
V.H.C, Winner of Winners Championship
CHELSEA: H.C, 10yrs Classical
EMILY: 1st Place, 8yrs Demi-Character
HOLLY: 3rd Place, 8yrs Jazz
3rd Place, 8yrs Classical
V.H.C, 8yrs Song & Dance
ALEXA & NAGISSA: 1st Place, Classical Duo (technical duos/trios ), 10yrs

F.Y.D. Competition, Gold Coast
HOLLY: 1st Place, 8yrs Classical
1st Place, 8yrs Jazz
1st Place, 8yrs Song & Dance
PAIGE: 1st Place, 10yrs Song & Dance

2nd Place, 10yrs Lyrical
2nd Place, 10yrs Jazz
3rd Place, High Points

So proud of our dancers – great results and beautiful dancing from all ..