Gold Coast Eisteddfod Groups- 2019

What a wonderful 2019 Gold Coast Eisteddfod
Well Done to all of our Academy Dance Studios dancers   , and CONGRATULATIONS on our group results;

10yrs Lyrical; 1st Place
10yrs Classical; 3rd Place
12yrs Jazz; 2nd Place
12yrs Lyrical; 1st Place
12yrs Contemporary; VHC
15yrs Contemporary; 2nd Place
15yrs Jazz; 3rd Place
15yrs Acrobatics; 2nd Place
15yrs Song & Dance; 3rd Place
15yrs Tap; HC

So proud of all of our dancers

who performed, you represented ADS so beautifully

Starbound Eisteddfod

Our performance team students all competed at the Starbound Eisteddfod on the Gold Coast over the last weekend.

Everyone danced amazingly, and we achieved fantastic results 🙂

10yrs Jazz Group, 2nd Place

10yrs Lyrical Group, 2nd Place

12yrs Jazz Group, 1st Place

12yrs Contemporary Group, 2nd Place

12yrs Lyrical Group, 3rd Place

15yrs Contemporary Group, 4th Place

15yrs Tap Group, 4th Place

15yrs Lyrical Group, VHC

15yrs Jazz Group, VHC 

We were also awarded “THE MOST IMPRESSIVE GROUP’ Overall, of the entire eisteddfod, for our 12yrs Jazz Group “BAD”, choreographed by Miss Lara


Amazing work and Congratulations to all of our students, teachers and choreographers.

Fantastic BPAC results

We had a number of groups compete at the Brisbane Performing Art Challenge (BPAC).

We are so proud of all our students, and CONGRATULATIONS on the following fantastic results;

10yrs Lyrical 1st Place

10yrs Classical 1st Place


12yrs Contemporary 2nd Place

15yrs Lyrical 2nd Place

15yrs Song & Dance 2nd Place

15yrs Jazz 3rd Place

15yrs Contemporary VHC

Ooh La La Dance Competition Results

Congratulations to our students who performed at the Ooh La La Dance competition over the weekend.

Well Done girls on the following results;

KATE: 1st Demi Character, 3rd Classical, 3rd Contemporary (14yrs)
TIA: 1st Classical, 2nd Jazz, 3rd Demi-Character (12yrs)
ALEXA: 1st Classical, 1st Contemporary, 1st Demi-Character, 1st Tap, 1st Lyrical, H.C. Jazz (10yrs)
ELLA: Highly Commended Classical (10yrs)
NAGISSA: Highly Commended Classical (10yrs)

Starbound Eisteddfod Results

So proud of all our ADS students who performed at Starbound Entertainers Festival over the holidays.

Congratulations also on the following results;

POPPY; 3rd Place Lyrical (14yrs)
VHC Jazz (14yrs)
CHELSEA; H.C Classical (12yrs)
H.C Demi (12yrs)
ALEXA; 1st Place Contemporary (10yrs)
2nd Place Jazz (10yrs)
2nd Place Classical (10yrs)
2nd Place Demi (10yrs)
2nd Place Tap (10yrs)
3rd Place Lyrical (10yrs)
PAIGE: 2nd Place Song & Dance (10yrs)
V.H.C Lyrical (10yrs)
H.C Demi (10yrs)
NAGISSA: H.C Classical (10yrs)
EMILY: H.C Song & Dance (10yrs)
HOLLY: 1st Place Vocal (8yrs)
2nd Place Song & Dance (8yrs)
3rd Place Demi (8yrs)
H.C Classical (8yrs)


2019 Classes

We are back in the swing of things, with all of our wonderful teachers, students and families at Academy Dance Studios on the Gold Coast.

It is wonderful to se all of our returning and new students working hard in all of their classes and enjoying learning, growing and being back at dance.







With classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, musical theatre, acrobatics, stretch, pre-school dance classes   and so much more, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year at ADS.

We are still taking enrolments for 2019, and are looking forward to meeting you soon .


Term 1 Just around the corner ….

Haven’t had time to enrol at dance yet …??

DON”T PANIC !! We are still taking enrolments at Academy Dance Studios with classes starting back this Saturday February 2nd.

We are a leading Gold Coast dance school, training from 2.5yrs to pre-professional in ballet (RAD, Open ballet, Pointe & Repertoire), Contemporary, Jazz, Tap (Tapatak Oz), Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Progressing Ballet Technique, and Stretch and conditioning.

We also offer exams and eisteddfod groups for dedicated students.

We can’t wait to welcome you to A.D.S.

Tapatak Oz 2019

Miss Melissa has been tapping up a storm at the Tapatak Oz Teachers conference with the amazing Christine Denny. We love TAPATAK OZ and can’t wait to see all of our new and familiar faces in tap class soon.…

A special Congratulations to all of our students who made the Tapatak OZ Honour Roll this year, this is an amazing achievement.
There is still time to enrol your dancer in Tap classes this year, message for details 🙂